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Sangama, being a non-profit organization draws its funds from membership drives, ticketed events and donations. Our treasurer collects, manages and maintains all funds with up to date accounts. It with the due support of our patrons, sponsors and donors is that Sangama is able to sustain and conduct all its activities.

Gold Sponsors - 2019
Silver Sponsors - 2019
  • Sri Avinash Roma Linganna and Bhattarahall Linganna

  • Sri Chetan Ashok Kumar and Dakshayini

  • Sri Gajanan Hegde and Sarweshwari Hegde

  • Sri Naveen Hanuman and Deepika Gowda

  • Sri Ramdas Mayya and Gayathri Hebbar

  • Sri Ramesh Chandra and Seetha Chandra

  • Sri Srikanth Hanumanthappa and Manjushree Manjunath

  • Sri Umapathy Channamalappa and Shubhada Bhamre

  • Sri Vamadeva Murthy M.H and Jayasheela Murthy S.M  

  • Sri Yeshwanth Navalgund and Krupa Navalgund

  • Sri Arun Mahadevappa and Smt Preeti Arun

  • Sri Poorna Sripati and Chandrika Tippurshamanna

  • Sri Ratikant Santpure and Sindhu Santpure

  • Sri Vithal Kulkarni and Priya Kulkarni

Bronze Sponsors - 2019
  • Sri Ashok Shastri and Shubha Shastri

  • Sri Dhanraj Balakrishna and Rekha Dhanraj

  • Sri Gireesh Shirur and Sowmya Hegde

  • Sri Jagadeesh Ullal and Pragna Rao 

  • Sri Mahalingiah Prasad

  • Sri Mohan Ganesh and Latha Mohan

  • Sri Purushotham Iyengar and Lakshmi Iyengar

  • Sri Ranganath Dasappa and Pushpa Kantharaju

  • Sri Renukesh Devaraja and Priyanka Mahadevappa

  • Sri Sriharsha Achar and Sowmya Gopal

  • Sri Vasu Rao

  • Sri Vidyanand Serikar and Shruthi 

 Join Hands With Us...


Sangama needs your generous donations and support in sustaining and maintaining a rich, year-round activity calendar. Donations will enable us to conduct professional quality programs and encourage the Kannada community to take part.


All contributions towards Sangama will be utilized for organizing Venues, Honarariums, Mementos and other running expenses.


Note: Sangama Executive and Advisory Committe does not draw any financial or material gains for either being a part of Sangama OR for providing services for the community.


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